After a mysterious attack on a mountain summit, Molly is left without her memories or husband. As she learns the truth about what happened, she discovers the memories might be better left forgotten.
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About In Absentia
In Absentia is an upcoming independent feature film co-produced by Broadside Films and Pooka Films, written & directed by Christopher T. Lang.
Shot on location in Wales and set on its stunning highest mountain - Snowdon - In Absentia is a psychological thriller telling the story of Molly, who tragically loses her husband on the mountain's summit in an attack shrouded in mist and mystery.
Molly wakes from a coma months later, having forgotten everything about both her husband and the attack. Her daughter, Becky, becomes desperate to find her mum’s missing pieces and after countless visits to doctors and therapists, she takes things into her own hands. Along with her fiancé Tom, Becky drags Molly up the mountain day after day, week after week to try and jog her memory.
Even despite the help of people she comes across on the mountain, Molly struggles to tell whether or not her world is falling apart or finally coming together. At every turn she questions the true intentions of the family around her - the very people who she’s supposed to be closest to - and even her past self.
In time, Molly realises, horrifyingly, that in order to find out the truth she must defeat the mountain alone.​​​​​​​

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